Morning Nature Walk

So the new sigma lens proved to be as awesome as the guy claimed it to be !   I had a great time walking around and looking at all there was to see… which right now isn`t a whole lot but there is still some signs of spring to be found.  First of all I ventured off to my back yard.  When I say  backyard I don`t mean of my yard I mean my bush at the rear of my property.. I saw oodles of trails…and tracks, ranging from coyote and raccoon to rabbit.  Freshest ones were that of the coon and coyote … makes me wonder if the coon got picked off or not.   No animals or birds wanted to come out when I was around, which truthfully didn`t surprise me ..LOL  So the first few pics with the new lens was this :



Then things started to get better after I saw tracks ! 

I almost missed this guy !:)


I don`t think they were happy with me even though I kept my distance

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Birthday Present !

So when you get to my age you really don’t want to celebrate birthdays anymore ….but  you do like presents ! LOL  Today I got a rocking gift ……a SIGMA 150 t0 500 mm lense …This baby is the size of  a cannon ! No word of a lie . I will likely throw my  back out carrying it around:) I certainly shouldn’t mind though cause I am going to get some awesome Nature shots with that beauty!   Actually I can’t wait until tomorrow !! I am going to go plant myself in the bush and wait for all the animals to come out and ask me “Whatchya doin’? ” and when they do I am going to take their picture !  :) Cheers all ! Until tomorrow and the results !   <3


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Vintage / Pinup Photography

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to be photographed by an amazing Photographer called Dana Brushette  !  I have always had a love for the look of vintage pinup photos, and when Dana announced she was doing a Pin-Me up Beauty and Photoshoot Event I was all over that like white on rice!    Not only did I get to meet someone who’s work I adore ….I got to have my pictures taken by her and got to learn the ins and outs of hair and make-up from Joy & Bella two very talented ladies !  And to top it all off I met Jessica from PinUp Persuasion who sure gave me alot of food for thought on buying vintage clothing!  Now I must admit, I am not one for dressing pinup day to day but I will sure use alot of the tips and tricks these girls provided to me in the event!   I was an absolute blast and I can not wait to see the results of my shoot!      But for now all I can share with you are a few Pictures that I took with my IPHONE , of my dear friend and Partner in Crime that day Rhonda Sutherland!!  So here they are !

Cheese ! :)

Ahh Victory Rolls !!

Just so everyone knows these poses (with the exception of myself in the victory rolls and the ones of Myself and my friend together) were done by Dana Brushette !  I am in no way taking credit for those poses! Thanks !

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Hello world!

Emily Ferris and Esteem Photography is excited to announce the new blog site !   As you may notice there is also a new website name!   But don’t worry the Esteem Photography website still exsists!     Ok so I kinda lied with that last statement !  I have decided this site is way better then the original so now when using the old web address you will be redirected to here !:) Wow I have a lot more confidence now after I figured out how to redirect sites !  So  now what you will be seeing is   all the recent shoots as they happen in their own little place in the world ! What does this mean for you as a client?   This means you will be featured in a post that you can share with your family and friends.  You will be able to see your sneek peeks in a new and convenient way:) How cool is that ?!  There is also a new contact sheet that will allow you to directly email me with questions and comments.   This is also where you will be able to see up coming specials and contests !   I look forward to hearing your comments so feel free to comment on posts  !!!   Once again Welcome and Enjoy !


Loving me some abandoned history !

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