Oh Spring how you bring everything GREAT !

I am ecstatic to say the least !  I was out for a drive with my camera and stumbled literally onto a Great Egret!   I have been waiting for spring to show it’s self and stay for quite some time now.   The last to days have been amazing with warm winds and sunshine!   Makes me want to head on out and take photo’s and that is just what I did today.  I seem to be in nature mode lately which is great from a photo collecting perspective just not a financial one ! LOL   So my drive led me to stumble on what at the time I was not so sure was an Egret.  I came home immediately downloaded the photo’s and began to scan the bird for indicating parts that would prove to me that it was in fact an egret but I needed to be more specific as to what type as there is many.    Sure enough the Neon green marking on it’s face gave it away !  It is indeed a Great Egret in mating season.  Mating season brings on all the beautiful plumage as well as the green face. the legs and feet were also black which just firmed up my result.  so here it is !  THE GREAT EGRET !


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Mother Nature ……give us a break !

Well all I can say is wow!  Another blast from Mother Nature ! This time in the form of ICE !   Now don’t get me wrong I love opportunities for cool pictures but this is a lot more damaging then it was in respect to cool pictures.   They power was out in most of southwestern Ontario.   I was one of the lucky few who still had hydro.   So I slapped on some rain slicks and headed outside for some cool shots of the ice on the trees etc.  It is not very often that you see this type of storm,  usually our storms come in the form of snow!   So I grabbed my new 500mm and took a small tour just up and down my road as a the shphalt was covered in a thick ice and I much rather be safe .   So I ventured out to the neighbours  Fruit Farm  and this what I saw…. It was so beautiful !!!

As beautiful as it looks I sincerely hope that this ice storm does not effect my neighbours apple crop. (it’s been a rough couple years for them ).  Next I decided to slip down by my neighbours pond  and what did I see ?   A a male and female Hooded Merganser …..not something that we typically see on our neighbours pond.   The were very timid so I was not able to get as close to them as I would have liked!


Male & Female Hooded Merganser


Then it was just a quick drive back and forth between home ….. the trees and fence lines were amazingly decorated and not to mention how the long grasses along the fence lines did not appreciate being weighted down.  We were just purely lucky that we did not suffer more damage then we did here.  So all in all I was able to enjoy the beauty and splendor of this destructive Ice Storm..


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I have got to spend the last few days with my super cute little nephew and my sister and brother in law in British Columbia,  this is the first time that I have gotten to meet my new nephew.   So of course I had to bring my camera and take a few photos of him.  What kind of aunt would I be if I didn’t do that .  All I can say is that it was so easy to get smiles from him, he is pretty awesome like that.  So without further ado…..May I present the cutest wee man around !! My Nephew WYATT !

Going to miss my family out here, and sad that the next time I see this wee one he’ll be twice the size:(

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Up Up & Away !

Today I am sitting in the KW airport, waiting on a jet plane to get here to take me to Abbotsford, British Columbia.  This is my second try to get out there to see my family and my new cute as a button nephew!  I am looking forward to snapping some pictures of not only my nephew but some mountain shots of B.C. The last time that I was there I never got to leave the airport so I would call this my first official visit !  I am so looking forward to it.  The only down fall is I hear that the weather may not be all that co-operative for photo’s of the mountains as the forecast is calling wet for most part ! But I will however take what pictures that I can take when it isn’t raining.   I am super excited and I hope to be able to post some pictures when I can!  Ok so those are not exactly the most interesting photo’s but I will tell you this it is a happy sight for me to see !   I promise the next photo’s will be way more interesting !:)

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Daughters ! Aren`t they special ! :)

Yesterday morning my darling daughter asked to have her photo`s done.  Ya that`s right she asked me not the other way around!  Hard to believe eh!  At any rate I would never deny her having her pictures done if I can.  I asked her what she wanted to wear for this said shoot ………she replied with Makeup ! LOL … She is still a little young for full blown make up so I made a compromise for some red lipstick that she picked out of her monster high makeup purse.   So we got out some clothes and put on her lipstick  and headed outside , its been so nice lately !  These are just a couple of my favorites from the quick 15 minute session.  No one ever said she had a long attention span !  There defiantly is no need of me posing her cause she just does what she wants and I photographer her … and for the most part she does super !

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