The MacPherson Clan, Tiverton, Ontario Family Photography

I had the pleasure recently of holding on to a secretive plan to have family photo`s done by myself for very close family friends as a 40th wedding anniversary gift.

I was so pleased to get to spend the time with them and hear the antics that occurred getting  everyone together

to make this go off without a hitch.  The best part was even my husband was in on the secret and was asked to get

Poppa MacPherson home and ready to go in time for my arrival.  Needless to say that was an experience he won`t soon forget…He he !

 It was a beautiful day and the apple blossoms were well on their way to being in full bloom. I enjoyed the afternoon and the results of this family shoot!

Congratulations to Alex & Lee on 4o wonderful years together!

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Apple Blossoms and Dandelions

Spring  brings all things beautiful ….yes?  Ok well all season bring things beautiful but I am thinking in particular the magnificent Apple blossoms and the bothersome

Dandelions…But to a photographer no matter if it’s a weed or a flower or a blossom it beautiful and adds colour and texture to our photo’s .

I took my DD out to our neighbors apple orchard !  Keyzer’s Fruit Farm Located on Bruce County Rd 1 just outside the hamlet of Paisley !

Insert Plug for Keyzer Fruit farm here ! LOL  Best Apples, Strawberries, Raspberries & Cherries in Bruce County !! (well by my standards anyway! )

So it’s not new that if you have been on my site  before you will know that my daughter is the best model that I work with !

She is always excessable  and available and willing to preform:)

So here she is ! Doing me proud again !

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Boudior Babes !

Oh my how I have been negligent and haven`t posted anything in some time.  I guess it just goes to show how quickly time passes !   At any rate I had the opportunity to work with two beautiful girls ! Two girls that I have had the pleasure of knowing for quite sometime:)  With it being that time of year that the apple trees were in blossom I thought to myself what a GREAT time to get my act together and get some boudoir shots lined up !  These to beauties are always eager to help me out !  So here they are ….



Both these ladies did amazing and I am sure that they will love the pics when they are all done and in hand!

It was my pleasure working with them !!

If anyone is interested in a boudoir or a little more up beat portrait session feel free to contact me !

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Spring is that really you this time?


Well spring sure is taking it’s time getting here,  I have been itching to get out and do some amazing photo’s that I have been aspiring to dream and produce in my mind………But this darn weather will not co-operate with me!   So I have been setting with what ever animal I can find or what ever scenics I can to appease my addiction !   I have been inside for 2 days at the Kincardine Home and Garden show , and now I am itching even more to get outdoors!   So for now enjoy these couple shots  of my sister in laws horse babies !

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