Winter….Who needs a catch line Winter says it all …..

Ah Dear Bruce County!  Located just along the shores of  Lake Huron stretching from the Bruce peninsula south, a place that I am proud to call home.    Bruce County is one of the most beautiful locations in our area,  home to many protected areas and protected species.  I have the joy of it still being my backyard.  A place to play, learn, see, hear and enjoy.    Yesterday was a beautiful winter day!   I am not a fan of winter as I have mentioned before but when the sun is shining in all it`s glory which seems to cast a diamond like appearance on the snow I thoroughly enjoy what it has to offer.  There was a slight breeze just enough to make the outdoors seem at peace.  I threw on the snowshoes and took a jaunt to the back of my property.  I never seem to get to enjoy my 110 acres much so it just seems so fitting on a beautiful day to do just that.  I strapped on my camera bag just  in case….you never know what you might encounter.   I was shocked that there really was not much in the way of wildlife out on a beautiful day like yesterday …however it could have just been my lack of patience that I did not see anything.   So with that in mind I just thought I would catch a bit of the landscape beauty that is Bruce County .   One thing that I found was that regardless of how quiet It was there was still lots of eye candy to be seen.   Now I am not much of a word expressionist but I know one thing that hit me was just how beautiful nature is.  Things that astonished me like the fact that there were still many tree`s in our forested area that were carrying their leaves.   Strange is what it seemed to me!  Although with the gentle breeze blowing through the dried leaves it brought a sense of calm over me.     I could have pulled up a tree stump and sat for hours, basking in the warm sun.

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As I ventured further and further back the property, I started to realize that nothing was going to present itself to me ….There is a section of thick pine tree`s on the adjacent property to ours,  I thought perhaps a rabbit may present itself to me ,  but nope!  However I began to realize just how thick the pine cones were on the trees. Old wives tale states the more the pine cones the harsher the winter.  I believe there is some truth to that theory this year.  Never in my 35 years can I recall seeing just this many pine cones on one tree.  It amazed me but appealed to me all in the same sight.   When you see something so unusual and unique you seem just stand there and stare with your mouth wide open staring randomly up into the sky.  I am sure I was a sight. LOL …  Thank goodness there was no one else around to laugh at me.    As disappointing as winter is sometimes …there is still great beauty and mystery too.  Thanks to the luck of living in Bruce County still,  I have the most beautiful and mysterious things right in my own back yard.  Yes I will be happy to see winter go , but only because Spring will bring new adventures and new things to see!



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