Mother Nature ……give us a break !

Well all I can say is wow!  Another blast from Mother Nature ! This time in the form of ICE !   Now don’t get me wrong I love opportunities for cool pictures but this is a lot more damaging then it was in respect to cool pictures.   They power was out in most of southwestern Ontario.   I was one of the lucky few who still had hydro.   So I slapped on some rain slicks and headed outside for some cool shots of the ice on the trees etc.  It is not very often that you see this type of storm,  usually our storms come in the form of snow!   So I grabbed my new 500mm and took a small tour just up and down my road as a the shphalt was covered in a thick ice and I much rather be safe .   So I ventured out to the neighbours  Fruit Farm  and this what I saw…. It was so beautiful !!!

As beautiful as it looks I sincerely hope that this ice storm does not effect my neighbours apple crop. (it’s been a rough couple years for them ).  Next I decided to slip down by my neighbours pond  and what did I see ?   A a male and female Hooded Merganser …..not something that we typically see on our neighbours pond.   The were very timid so I was not able to get as close to them as I would have liked!


Male & Female Hooded Merganser


Then it was just a quick drive back and forth between home ….. the trees and fence lines were amazingly decorated and not to mention how the long grasses along the fence lines did not appreciate being weighted down.  We were just purely lucky that we did not suffer more damage then we did here.  So all in all I was able to enjoy the beauty and splendor of this destructive Ice Storm..


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